Service & Repairs

Does My Rental Have a Warranty?

All Roland Rentals are covered by the full warranty, subject to the Terms and Conditions as set out on the Roland Australia website. You can find more information here.

Roland is a worldwide leader in manufacture and design of electronic musical instruments and Roland instruments are preferred by many musicians and can be seen gracing everything from the largest concert stages to countless professional recording studios around the world.

In the rare event that your rental instrument needs attention, for capital city metropolitan areas, this would be a free in-house service.

What About Instrument Maintenance and Repairs?

During the course of your rental contract, we will carry out such maintenance and repairs as required due to normal use, to keep the instrument in proper playing order and, if necessary, we will replace the instrument.

This service and maintenance is included in your monthly rental price and does not include consumable items, such as drum sticks and batteries (if required).

If you believe that the instrument requires maintenance or repairs, please contact our service team on 1300 858 911 for an assessment of the problem.